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Effortless integration with Ferrio Connect

Ferrio Connect empowers businesses to supercharge their workflows, connecting and automating tasks across hundreds of apps with ease, boosting productivity and freeing up valuable time!

How it works

Connect. Integrate. Automate.
Design a workflow that completes an ordered sequence of actions, including API requests and data operations.
Configure a trigger that can start one or more workflows. Events can be triggered from workflows, starting multiple workflows concurrently.
Key Value Store
Create a key value store that contains simple key value pairs to be used in workflows. Data can also be created and updated from workflows.
Authorize a connection for use in API requests to applications and databases. Ferrio connections give you access to entire APIs.
Define a function that can be called from a workflow to complete a frequently executed task. Functions use the same UI as workflows.
Access information from earlier steps and transform values using functions, ideal for preparing data for integration into other systems.


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